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Windows release notes
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Bartium 0.5.28 (beta)

March 5, 2019

UI revision

Bartium's UI had quite a few bugs and issues, these have been resolved. The overall look and feel of the sidebar should be much more intuitive now.


Importing and exporting of Bartium configurations has been tweaked to automatically use and search for the correct extension.

URL check option

When adding or editing services, you now have the option to neglect the URL checker. Use this for local web services.

Web browser emulation

Bartium can now emulate the environment of web services to be Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer.

Bartium 0.5.19 (beta)

July 2, 2018

Social login

Logging in with social services like Google, Facebook or Twitter has been reworked to be completely stable and working.

Tweaked redirect manager

The redirect manager has been tweaked and should appear less often. This type of behavior is still being tested.

Offline configuration improved

Bartium's locally saved configuration now has a failsafe to prevent occasional corruption or glitchy behavior.

Bartium 0.5.17 (beta)

June 26, 2018

Release notes

Bartium's first release notes have been launched. Find out what's new in the latest build.

Tweaked autoupdate

Bartium updates can now be postponed or immediately installed.

Superior account management

Every service now has its own persistent session with cookies and logins. This will let you log in with multiple accounts in the same services.


F5 can be used to refresh the active service.