Bartium is a compact, lightweight desktop application designed to centralize all your web services.
We understand that these services can contain crucial and sensitive information and as such security and protection of your data is a vital part of Bartium's core.


Bartium is owned by Bart Kelchtermans, Belgium. (referred to as "I", "Me", "Our" or "We"). As a customer of this service you're a "User" or "You" according to this agreement.
The Desktop Application offered by us will be referred to as "Bartium", "Bartium App", "Client", "Build" or "Application". The external web services that Bartium runs will be referred to as "Service".
This privacy policy will also apply on Bartium's website, from this point on referred to as the "Website".

Data, statistics and information

Data stored locally

This data includes your App preferences in the form of a .JSON file as well as cookies, browser cache and other data that the Chromium framework might need to store.
There is no difference between this data and the data your local browser saves locally.
It is important to note that the Client does not directly handle, store or use this last set of data (the cookies, browser cache, ...).

Data stored remotely

While this privacy policy is active, there are no remote Bartium servers that handle any requests or data and all outgoing data is by the services themselves.
No data is remotely saved about the Build, User or anything related to the Services within Bartium.
To optimize the Website and provide the best possible experience, a third party (CloudFlare) is used for statistics and retains data about it and its users. More on this later.


The Bartium Client is only responsible for handling the services and treats them as a portal. It can open the portal, make changes to it and close it but it cannot and will not see what's inside the portal.
In other words, whatever happens inside a web Service is a direct connection between the user and that Service, other Services or the Bartium client cannot see or handle this information.


While statistics are a big factor in the development of the Client and it is part of the development pipeline to implement them, there are currently no statistics being gathered about the Bartium Builds.
This privacy policy will include all information about these statistics once they are active and part of the public builds.
As mentioned, the Website uses Cloudflare for gathering information about its users. More on this later.

3rd party services

In order to provide certain features in any of the services we offer, we rely on 3rd party services.
Not to be confused with the aforementioned Services, the web services handled within Bartium.


Cloudflare collects general information for analytical purposes. This information may include but is not limited to IP addresses, system configuration information, and other information about traffic to and from the Website.
This information is only available to Us, as developers of Bartium, and will never be shared.


By using any of the services offered by us, you agree to the collection and usage of data, if applicable, in compliance with the provisions set forth in this privacy policy.


We reserve the right to change and update our privacy policy. The last date at which this is done will always be publicly available.


If you experience any problems or have a burning question, you can get in touch.