What is Bartium?

Bartium is designed to give any webpage or web service a desktop client, this way you don't need a number of seperate desktop applications, or web browser tabs.
Apart from the improved user experience and resource management, Bartium offers every web service a native experience.

Using the sidebar

Most of your interaction with Bartium will happen within the left sidebar.
This can be opened or closed by pressing the menu button (three dashes) in the top bar, on the left hand side.

Getting familiar with services

Each service will be visible in the left sidebar, selecting it will activate it.
Another way to activate services is with ctrl + number. For instance, ctrl + 1 will open the first service.
When hovering over a service in the sidebar, additional options can be found when clicking the menu button (three dots).

Getting familiar with groups

Groups are a way to put services together. Groups can be opened or closed, revealing or hiding the containing services.
Services can be added to groups by editing the service or by dragging it in the group.
Groups, like services, have additional settings.