Service management

Services aren't loaded unless you need them, and are placed in a frozen state when you don't.
Services are also indexed and searchable.


Every client will stay up to date with the latest updates and features automatically.

No manual downloads, no hassle.

Local user profile

Each Bartium client is unique and has a local user profile to save your layout.
Every profile can be imported or exported.


The client is extremely customizable and a wide variety of settings allow you to further change Bartium's behavior.

Proxy support

Connect to services through a proxy, proxies are manually configurable.


The search bar also functions as a command line and a huge array of commands are at your disposal to quickly make things happen.

Custom user agent

Manipulate the environment in which a service is running by configuring the user agent.


Ads can be automatically blocked or hidden, saving you bandwidth and screen space.

User interface

Service management

Services are easily created, edited, placed in groups and even their order is easily changed with drag & drop.


Groups are a way to put similar services together in a clean way.


The sidebar contains an overview of all services and groups as well as a search bar / command line.
The sidebar can be toggled.

Keyboard shortcuts

A wide variety of keyboard shortcuts are at your disposal to increase efficiency and help you get where you need to be faster.

Search functionality

Indexed services are easily searchable, by name or url, regardless of group.

Website checking

Before a website can be added a checking algorithm checks its existance and safety.

Notification overlay

Notifications will be counted for each service and that counter is shown as an overlay.

Automatic service icon

When creating services, the icon can be chosen from a list or an automatic icon will be generated from the webpage.