Meet the first web handler, ever.

Your web browser was meant to browse the web. Bartium was built to handle it.

Peace of mind

One single application to optimize your workflow.
No more switching applications or finding the right browser tab.

Lightweight and compact

Built on the Chromium framework, Bartium makes for a light application that can carry a heavy load.

Boosted efficiency

By letting Bartium do the heavy lifting, there's no need to run a number of background applications and you can use your browser for it's original purpose, to browse.


Bartium is yours. The potential is limitless. Customize it to fit your needs.

Unlimited services, unlimited potential.

Add services by URL or choose from one of the many preset services, grouped by category.

Efficient service management allows for fast switching and minimized loading times.


Native desktop experience.

Optimal coherence with the operating system guarantees features like native desktop notifications.

Notifications group up in Windows Action Center or the macOS notification center where they can be reviewed later or easily dismissed.

Superior account management

All services have separate sessions and cookies so you can log in with multiple accounts in different instances of the same service.

Sandboxed sessions also mean every service is secured and shielded from harmful activities or other services.


More proof of excellence

Service management

Services aren't loaded unless you need them, and are placed in a frozen state when you don't.
Services are also indexed and searchable.

Keyboard shortcuts

A wide variety of keyboard shortcuts are at your disposal to increase efficiency and help you get where you need to be faster.


Every client will stay up to date with the latest updates and features automatically.
No manual downloads, no hassle.

Local user profile

Each Bartium client is unique and has a local user profile to save your layout.
Every profile can be imported or exported.

Download Bartium

Current version: 0.5.19 (beta)